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By acquiring and continuing to use the service, you agree to an automatic top up of your prepayment. If your usage is high, this can occur more than once per month. If you do not exceed the Included Value and do not incur any charges that are excluded from your plan, there will be no automatic top-ups. We will send you messages about your usage and the debits during the month.

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If you do not use the prepayment, it will be forfeited to us when you cancel the service. You agree that no bill will be provided for this service and that direct debiting of your account or charge to your credit card may occur notwithstanding that no bill is provided and that it may occur even though you may not have had the opportunity to check charges at least 10 working days before the debit. If an installation appointment is needed, TPG will organise this and contact you with the appointment details.

You or an authorised person over 18 years of age will be required to be at the premises on the day of the appointment. Monthly access charges are billed monthly in advance. Payment options are Direct Debit or Credit Card. NBN services require a backup battery unit to keep power going to your NBN Network Termination Device in the event of a power outage so that some elements of your telephone service can continue to operate for an estimated period of time of about 5 hours during the power outage.

This means during a power outage, you will not be able to make or receive any calls, including calls to emergency services.

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Please ensure that you have an alternative method to make calls such as a mobile phone. Any unused Prepayment for your old phone number will be credited back to your account 3 days after the relocation has completed. You will be allocated a new TPG username. A new phone number will be assigned based on the address of your new location. Cancellation will cease both services. The above fee applies if you give TPG less than 3 working days notice of any change in installation appointment prior to the scheduled appointment communicated by TPG to you.

NBN Co has scheduled the roll out of the network around the country. To check for availability, please enter your address here. If you live in an area where NBN has been rolled out and you wish to keep your landline or Internet service, you will need to switch to the NBN before the copper based services in your area are disabled. This may occur about 18 months after NBN becomes available in your area. Copper based services will not be disabled in Fixed Wireless areas, however we recommend to make the switch and enjoy the speeds of the NBN.

The rollout of the NBN network uses a mix of access technologies to deliver a fast and reliable internet service, wherever you live in Australia. The type of access technology that will connect your home or business to the NBN network will depend on your location. You will be sent an email notification confirming the installation date and timeframe. We will also notify you if a technician appointment is required to install your NBN service.

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You, or an authorised person over 18 years of age will be required to be at the premises on the day of the technician visit. A technician might be required to attend to your premises to complete the installation and make sure you are connected to the NBN network. On the installation day, an NBN installer will come to your home to do the necessary work.

If there is a broadband connection outage in your premises due to power or other faults, the Digital Voice Service will not work and you cannot make phone calls including "" emergency calls. You can make a new application with TPG and then cancel your existing service with the other provider cancellation charges may apply with your other provider.

We may not be able to port your number in all circumstances, this includes failure to provide account details, or contractual obligations with your existing provider. If you are porting your number to TPG, inbound calling to your number will not commence until porting is complete which will take additional 1 to 5 business days after your TPG NBN service is installed. When your NBN service is activated, we will advise you of which port to use. If you wish to connect your phone to an existing wall socket, you should check if your in-premises wiring is connected to the NBN service.

If it is not connected to NBN, you may need to install additional permanent phone or data cabling through wall, floor or ceiling cavities which must be done by a cabler registered with an Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA accredited industry registrar. You will need to provide your current Account Number provided by your current phone provider. This can be found on any bill you receive from your phone provider for your phone service. Providing an incorrect Account Number may result in delays with the porting process and lengthen the period in which you will not be able to receive any incoming phone calls.

TPG will charge you for any call usage. With TPG Voice Service, you can monitor your actual usage in near real time , bar outbound calls of various types, and make use of other spend management tools via My Account at www. For more information about using these tools, please contact Customer Service on 13 14 For further details on IP enabled devices contact your device supplier.

If you have the older Foxtel set top box without an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, program purchase through your landline will not work with TPG Voice service. We suggest you contact Foxtel about upgrading your set top box. No, the NBN or Voice service cannot be cancelled separately. Once your TPG NBN bundle service has been activated, if you currently have any existing services such as phone or internet at your premises, you will need to contact your current provider to have these services cancelled to ensure you do not receive any further bills.

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TPG is not responsible for these charges. If you are also porting your existing phone number to TPG, do not cancel your phone service until the number has been ported. Prepayment: All TPG services are prepaid. Per minute national call charges apply thereafter charged per 30 seconds.

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Per minute national mobile call charges apply thereafter charged per 30 seconds. You can view your outgoing call usage online by logging into 'My Account' at www. TPG Voice is full service including line rental, local, national, international and home to mobile calls. Customers must not preselect to another carrier or use the TPG Voice service to make override calls on a third party network.

You can view the current and previous bills online by logging into the 'Your Account' section on the TPG website www. We will inform you during the registration process if the New Development Charge applies to your premises. TPG Voice offers a range of free standard features e. However there may be some specific services on your existing line that are incompatible with TPG Voice.

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Your directory listing if any from your previous provider may or may not be carried across to TPG. TPG will not list your number by default, however customers may choose to list the number in the directory by logging into Your Account section after their account with TPG is active. We may be able to offer other products that are available in your new location. Standard NBN Bundle relocation fee applies. There is no cancellation fee if you are out of contract or in a no lock-in contract term. You may cancel the service by giving TPG at least 30 days written notice. You must pay for the service until the end of the notice period.

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Cancellation fee applies if you are still currently in a contract. Select a Plan. NBN12 Pay As You Go. NBN50 NBN Unlimited Local Calls. Unlimited International Calls to 11 Countries. Oz Talk.

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  • Big Talk. Extra Talk. Unlimited International Calls to 15 Countries. Download PDF Your browser does not support iframes. Thank you for submitting your details. We will be in touch shortly. Unfortunately an error has occurred when processing your request.

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    Please try again in a few minutes. If you continue to experience the same problem, please contact TPG on for further assistance. No Yes.